News from a Changing Planet is a twice-monthly newsletter about what on Earth is happening, with articles and essays about climate change and the environment, plus a weekly news digest.

I’m Tatiana Schlossberg, and since 2016, I have been writing about climate change and the environment as a science journalist and author.

Climate change is the biggest story in the world, and it’s a story about everything: people, animals, plants, oceans, health, politics, business, justice, equality, culture, history, food, fashion, technology. Whatever it is, it connects to the way that humans relate to the world around them. That’s what I write about.

Climate change and environmental degradation defy simple answers and solutions. One of the reasons I started this newsletter is because I think that a lot of the existing journalism doesn’t offer the nuance that this moment in time and this particular issue require.

I write about: climate and environmental science, the oceans, climate solutions, the hidden connections between politics and policy and the environment, food, (hopefully) interesting or new interpretations of climate news and narratives, and anything else that I think is of interest. I try to pay close attention to issues of environmental and climate justice.

I hope that readers of this newsletter will understand how complicated this topic is, and why it’s so important that we take account of that complexity as we head into an uncertain future. I try to write with humility, which translates to some as a lack of expertise. I think humility is important, especially with science: I don't know everything, and things change all the time. I think we’ve gotten ourselves into a lot of trouble as a species and a culture by not embracing uncertainty and the blurriness of ideas.

I’ve been working as a journalist for more than a decade now. Previously, I worked at the New York Times, for the Metro, Science, and Climate desks, and also was a municipal reporter at The Record (Bergen County), and an intern at the Vineyard Gazette. My book, Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don’t Know You Have, won the Rachel Carson Environment Book Award in 2020. My work has also appeared in the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Yale Environment 360, the Boston Globe, and elsewhere.

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I write about climate change and the environment, in my newsletter, News from a Changing Planet, in my book, and in other places.